Forsberg wins women's Enduro X

Women's Moto X Enduro Finals (6:04)

Maria Forsberg wins Women's Moto X Enduro Finals at X Games L.A 2012. (6:04)

LOS ANGELES -- Maria Forsberg won her second consecutive gold medal in Women's Moto X Enduro X on Sunday at X Games L.A., leading silver medalist Louise Forsley by more than 15 seconds and bronze medalist Chantelle Bykerk by nearly 30 seconds.

"It's way harder this year," Forsberg said. "All the girls have gone home and done their homework and they're way, way faster, which makes for a good race. I'm pumped for everyone and I'm pumped to be here."

Forsbeg -- who doubles as a full-time union electrician back home in Seattle -- was undefeated in Endurocross competition in 2011, picking up her second consecutive Grand National Cross Country Series (GNCC) title, earning AMA Racing Female Athlete of the Year honors, and scoring a deal to become the first female rider with a factory deal from her longtime sponsor FMF/KTM Racing. But she had her work cut out for on this year's grueling X Games course, which featured tires, rock piles, logs, a water feature and a pit of chopped wood that created tangles for all of the riders from the start.

The women tangled right out of the gates, with Forsley taking an early lead and Tarah Gieger, last year's silver medalist, getting into trouble from the start. Forsberg had troubles of her own, but got back on her bike and fought her way to the front.

"The toughest part of the track was probably the firewood pit after they added the water," Forsberg said. "It's really slippery and we never got to practice once the water was in, so that was difficult for us. The key is just being consistent and not getting stuck: it's not about who's fastest, it's more like the least you get stuck the better you do."

Forsberg is now the current GNCC leader on the 2012 AMA Geico Powersports Endurocross tour after a win at the opener in Las Vegas in May, a third-place finish last month in Sacramento, Calif., and Sunday's win at X Games.

"Maria's just a hell of a competitor and she's really consistent," Forsley said, after claiming the silver medal in her X Games debut. "I came into this really just wanting to get onto the podium and get some exposure, so I accomplished that and hopefully I can pick up some new sponsors as a result. I have to say I've achieved the goals I had coming into this and I'm pretty pumped."

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