Huston wins Real Street

Real Street 2012: Nyjah Huston (1:04)

Nyjah Huston's entry into the X Games 2012 Real Street, all-video, all-street skateboarding contest. (1:04)

On June 5, a field of 16 professional skaters summited one-minute video parts to be voted on by judges and the fans. Bobby Worrest, Matt Bennett, Aaron Homoki, Fred Gall, Dan Murphy Taylor Bingaman, Manny Santiago, Cory Kennedy, Collin Provost, Nyjah Huston, Joey Pepper, Nick Merlino, Chris Haslam, Daryl Angel, Silas Baxter-Neal and Chad Tim Tim all went head-to-head in a bracket-style elimination chosen by tallied votes from the fans.

The judged portion of Real Street was left in the hands of four skateboard magazine editors who looked at the videos and awarded gold through bronze: Mike Burnett (Thrasher), Jamie Owens (Skateboarder), Skin Phillips (Transworld Skateboarding) and Dave Swift of The Skateboard Mag. And the judges have spoken. The 2012 X Games gold medal for Real Street goes to Nyjah Huston, with Aaron Homoki taking silver and Taylor Bingaman with bronze.

The bracketed Fan Vote final between Collin Provost and Manny Santiago was neck-in-neck most of the past week, but in the end Provost prevailed with 57 percent (17,847) of the vote to Santiago's 43 percent (13,464 ). Provost had a fast-paced, banger-style video with big rails, gaps and a smooth, surf style. Both Provost and Santiago made great "Vote For Me" videos that went viral and kept the minions pawing for more.

As we've come to expect in the past year, Huston's video was chock-full of super tech rail tricks, flawless execution and an amazing array of gnarly skating. Congratulations to Huston and Provost, and stay tuned for next year's Real Street.

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