PBA Imports Fantasy Tournament Quarterfinals: Justin Brownlee vs. Norman Black


We now move to the quarterfinals of the PBA Imports Fantasy Tournament, where we picked 24 imports from across eras and grouped them into two brackets, with eight seeded directly into the second round. The remaining 16 will duke it out in our online polls. Our writers will preview each match-up, and you get to vote for the winner here and on One Sports PH's Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts.

These two highly-touted imports survived challenges from two of the best-ever as well in the last round, as Norman Black outlasted prolific Tony Harris and Justin Brownlee outdueled hardworking Sean Chambers. By all indications, their meeting would be one of epic proportions.


Physically, there is not much of a height difference between the two (Black has an inch on Brownlee), and they have similar body types - lean but muscular. Both quietly intense and seemingly unassuming, Black and Brownlee bring efficiency and calmness, which, as they play, lull fans into thinking they are just on the fringes, as if uninvolved. Then, you check their stats and they each have over 30 points, Black already with 25 rebounds and Brownlee, 12 assists. Matched up against each other though, expect there to be fireworks.

Both imports can score, with Brownlee being the more mobile and creative one. His range stretches way beyond the rainbow arc. If he attacks from outside, he would probably be more effective because, on defense, Black is superior, particularly in the paint, and he would give Brownlee a heck of a time if JB thought of initiating from in there. Offensively, Black is pinpoint inside and out to twenty feet, with a deadly jumper and short flips from close-range. Black would outmuscle and overpower Brownlee's interior defense, though Brownlee need not worry about Black hoisting from downtown.

This could probably be a high-scoring affair depending on the points format because these two imports rarely miss. They would match each other basket for basket, with the slight difference in points perhaps being Brownlee hitting three-pointers. Black though would fish fouls from Brownlee inside and try to make some free throws (his Achilles' Heel) for and-ones. We can expect both of them to be extremely focused. There would be little room for error in a mega-matchup such as this. Mr 100% (Black) would be his usual do-it-all self, working extra-hard to give Brownlee all he can handle. Brownlee, though, has been Mr Everything in his PBA stints, so it's possible he would find ways to overcome Black's greatness. This, folks, might be as close as it can get as far as this tournament is concerned.

It will be a close one, decided by just a point or two. Which all-time great import will prevail and qualify for the final four? You get to choose. Vote now.

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