Rain or Shine Elasto Painters eye Batangas practices, but no training camp

Rain or Shine coach Chris Gavina is eyeing Thursday as the possible date for the Elasto Painters to begin their team practice in Batangas.

"I believe we're still waiting on PBA announcement if we'd be allowed to stay and practice in Manila from IATF and GAB. If not, we are waiting for PBA office to provide us practice time schedule in Batangas hopefully starting on Thursday," Gavina bared to ESPN5 on Monday.

Gavina added they have no plans of staying in Batangas for their training camp, similar to what the Meralco Bolts are doing now in Ilocos Norte.

But they intend to do as many practice sessions as possible in a week or do every other day training as players travel back and forth from their residences to Batangas.

"At the moment we're not considering a coaster at the moment. I think we're going to see how the travel is going there for everyone and then play it by ear after our initial practice," shared the 42-year-old Gavina, who is taking over from Caloy Garcia. "We're hoping we could get that many practice times scheduled for us."

Gavina is well aware of the physical sacrifices of driving to Batangas every other day, but the players, he said are willing to make the necessary sacrifices as the PBA

"I feel we're all just ready to get back on the court at whatever means possible," stressed Gavina. "And I'm extremely eager to see our guys again face to face and just get back to our grind."

The amiable mentor added that Zoom video workouts and meetings have their limitations as he tries to communicate the team's concepts to the players.

"There's only so much you can show in regard to power point presentations and videos via Zoom meetings and know if everyone is learning the rules and concepts we plan on implementing offensively and defensively," explained Gavina.

With physical team practices, Gavina can see the player chemistry develop, given the rookies added to the team during the recent PBA Draft.

"Let's just say there's a high level of excitement on my part to do what I love doing and that's being on the court, teaching our guys how to be better players, fostering relationships, and ensuring that myself and my staff are creating an environment where each and every one of our players can be allowed to reach their true potential for our team," he said.

Rain or Shine reached the quarterfinals during last year's PBA 2020 season bubble in Clark, Pampanga.