Hossa scoring streak ends

The Quote: “I was surprised I was going, to be honest with you. Especially with the way Sharp and Hossa are playing. I thought I was going to be the fourth guy because Toews is pretty much automatic these days.” -- Patrick Kane after getting tabbed for the shootout over Marian Hossa.

So Marian is human after all.

On a night when the Chicago Blackhawks went 3-for-3 in a shotoout, to earn a 2-1 win over the Vancouver Canucks, Marian Hossa wasn’t on the score sheet. For the first time this season. And he wasn’t in the shootout.

“If you have the leading scorer in the NHL and he’s not going in the shootout, it’s pretty impressive as far as talent goes on this team,” Patrick Kane said after the game.

Joel Quenneville tapped Jonathan Toews, Patrick Sharp, and Kane as his three shooters.

“The coach didn’t tell me but I think I was next,” Hossa joked. “All three guys scored, so we’re all going to wait for my turn.”

“I think he was coming up soon,” Joel Quenneville retorted.

His turn will come soon enough. But Hossa could have ended it before it ever got to a shootout. His scoring streak on the line, Hossa had the puck on his stick for a breakaway in overtime. Game over, right?

“I tried to get the puck settled because it was the end of the period and the puck was rolling,” Hossa explained. “When I settled it I was a little bit too in front of him and I just tried to shoot low blocker and it didn’t work.”

Kane was so sure Hossa would score, he tried to pad his statistics.

“I was pretty much just staying on the ice to get the plus and then go into the celebration with him,” Kane admitted. “[It was] surprising when he missed and took me back for a bit.”

It’s not the reason Hossa didn’t get another turn at it later. Quenneville said he could have gone either way.

“We practiced it [shootouts] yesterday [Tuesday] but certainly might have been him or the other guy,” he said. “You can debate that one. Not a bad call either one. Luxury.”

And what a luxury it is. But what about Hossa’s seven game point streak to start the season? It’s over now.

“Time to start a new one,” Hossa bluntly stated as he ended his media session.


• After the game Joel Quenneville praised his fourth line of Jake Dowell, Jack Skille, and Viktor Stalberg. They all earned a point on the lone goal scored by the Hawks (Stalberg) in regulation.

“You look at energy lines around the league, they could be as quick as there is,” Quenneville said.

Marty Turco had another strong finish to his game. After stopping seven shots in overtime on Monday in a win against St. Louis, he saved eight against the Canucks in the extra period. But Vancouver was 2-2 in the shootout before Mikael Samuerlsson missed to seal the win.

“It’s just a battle,” Turco said of the shootout. “[You] do whatever it takes. I wasn’t sure what happened so it was good to hear the crowd cheer.”

Nick Boynton had six of the 16 blocked shots credited to the Hawks.