Trivia Tuesday: So long, A-Rod

Before we say goodbye(?) to Alex Rodriguez, Jayson Stark gives you one last test of your A-Rod acumen. Jake Roth/USA TODAY Sports

So this is it, huh? This is the end of the line for Alex Rodriguez as the No. 1 lightning rod for the New York Yankees? A moment of silence, please. No, not for his playing career. For the end of his time as a walking, talking human trivia answer.

A-Rod may not have been the only automatic answer to every trivia question we’ve asked over the last 10 years. But he’s right up there with Todd Helton, Roy Oswalt and Albert Pujols in our own, highly unofficial Trivia Answer Hall of Fame (which might be the only Hall of Fame he’ll ever get into, come to think of it).

So if this is, in fact, the end, how could we not jump in there with one last quiz in A-Rod’s “honor?” Or dishonor. Or honorable mention. Or something. OK, whatever.

The usual Trivia Tuesday rules still apply: Five multiple-choice questions. No cheating, Googling or plagiarizing will be tolerated. And most of all, good luck!