Notre Dame-USC survives expansion

It's good to know there are at least a few things that are still sacred in college football.

On Wednesday, Notre Dame and USC announced they've extended their traditional rivalry through at least the 2023 season.

The series that brought us former USC tailback Charles White's historic day, the Trojan horse, green jerseys and the Bush Push will last for at least another decade.

While other longtime rivalries -- like Texas vs. Texas A&M and Pittsburgh vs. West Virginia -- were victims of conference expansion, it's good that one of the sport's most storied rivalries will continue to be played.

With Notre Dame joining the ACC as a semi-member in football in 2014, there aren't many open dates on its schedule. The Fighting Irish will play five ACC opponents each season, and they reportedly intend to continue their longtime series with Navy and Stanford. The Irish will also continue to play Boston College and Michigan State, with a couple of short breaks in each series, but its rivalry with Michigan is scheduled to end after the 2014 season.

Losing Notre Dame-Michigan is bad enough, but college football season wouldn't seem the same without watching the Trojans and Fighting Irish battle each season. The teams have traditionally played in South Bend, Ind., in mid-October in odd years and at the Coliseum in Los Angeles in late November in even years.

It's a rivalry that college football needs, especially now that Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly has helped turn the contest into a rivalry again.