Kneejerk Reactions: Game 6

Hero: Hideki Matsui drove in six runs to essentially beat the Phillies all by his lonesome. It might not be the greatest World Series game by a Yankee, but it might wind up being the best game ever by a Yankee in his last game as a Yankee.

Goat: Charlie Manuel never did figure out his bullpen. Not during the regular season, and not during the postseason. When Pedro Martinez left Game 6 after the fourth inning, the Phillies were down but not out. Three quick runs later, and their chances of winning had dropped below 5 percent. (Also, a number of Manuel's hitters didn't do much hitting in this Series, including -- but not limited to -- Ryan Howard, Jimmy Rollins, and Pedro Feliz.

Turning Point: Just about every time Matsui batted. Too obvious? Well, in the top of the seventh with two Phillies aboard, Damaso Marte trotted in from the bullpen and struck out Chase Utley with three pitches. With Mariano Rivera lurking in the bullpen, Utley's checked-swing third strike sucked nearly all of the life out of any potential comeback.

Good Move: Obviously, Joe Girardi's decision to use only three starters in the World Series "worked" because the Yankees won the World Series. Nobody pitched brilliantly on short rest -- CC Sabathia got lifted in the seventh inning, Andy Pettitte in the sixth, and, of course, A.J. Burnett got blasted -- but with that lineup, the Yankees don't have to pitch brilliantly to win. They just have to keep their club in the game, and Sabathia and Pettitte both did that.

Costly Move: During the regular season, J.A. Happ went 12-4 with a 2.93 ERA. Somehow, Manuel was able to get Happ only two and one-third innings of work, all in relief, during the World Series.

Telling Statistic: The Yankees are now 204-1 when Rivera has been asked to protect a four-run lead.

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