David Stern predicts quick action in Detroit

Talking to reporters after today's NBA Board of Governors meeting, David Stern said, "we got an update on the progress in Detroit, which will hopefully move its way along. It's not as fast a track as Golden State, but we're looking for something definitive to happen in the month of November."

He had said that he expected the Warriors' sale to Peter Guber and Joseph Lacob -- announced in July -- to be finalized sometime around opening day.

The Pistons, meanwhile, have reportedly been in talks with Michael Ilitch, who is interested in buying the team from the heirs of deceased Pistons owner Bill Davidson.

Asked why he expected next steps in November, Stern replied "there's an exclusive negotiating period being undertaken. My guess is that it's going to expire in about 10 days. There's a lot of work going on. I would think that gets to be about November 1. Then with the to and fro, by the end of November, I would hope there would be a formal agreement

that would mature. ... There seem to be an interested potential buyer, an interested seller. They're doing lots of due diligence, lots of interviews, examination of documents. In a normal course, it sounds like the 45 days or so, 40 days, is a good time to think that there would be a successful agreement."