Q&A with BC's Castonzo, Part II

I know guys hate talking about moral victories, but you went across the country and played well in the bowl game against USC. What did you guys bring back from that game?

Anthony Castonzo: Everybody talks about BC as an overachieving group, going against athletes from USC, five-star guys who are expected to really physically be better than us. Physically, these guys weren’t superior to us. A lot of the stuff is myth almost. We’re just as good athletically as anybody. USC is widely seen throughout the country as one of the most athletically dominant teams. The fact that we dominated at points in that game -- a couple of things didn’t go our way, obviously -- but the fact that we were physically better than we gave ourselves credit for, we took that out of that game.

Tell me a little bit about yourself. I hear you’re trying to cure cancer?

AC: That is the ultimate goal.

Oh you’re one of those offensive linemen.

AC: I’m definitely a bit of a braniac in that way. I’m a biochem major. Ultimately I would like to get into cancer research or any type of medical research would be great. I’ve said the ideal situation would be I make enough money playing football in the league -- because I love to play football and I want to do that as long as I can -- I’d love to make some money in the league to the point where I could fund my own research and maybe open an nonprofit research facility is really my ultimate goal. That is what I would love to do.

That’s awesome. You and Myron Rolle, man.

AC: That’s right, the ACC.

How tough is your schedule?

AC: It’s pretty tough. Last semester during the season I had to meet with my offensive line coach early in the day because I missed Thursday meetings before practice because I had a lab. It was the first real conflict I had. Last year during spring ball was probably the hardest. I had two labs and four classes, three of them were in science, very difficult classes. Last year was probably the hardest time I’ve had, but I’m kind of on a downhill slope now. I’ve got my major electives I really enjoy. The schedule, when you look at it, it’s difficult, but it’s stuff I enjoy to do, so it’s really not that bad.

That’s the way you have to set it up. So what are you looking forward to most about spring ball?

AC: I’m looking to really improve myself physically, to work on footwork. I want to get myself really to take it from getting the job done every play to dominating, is what I really want to be able to do. Go out there and know that every play I’m going to dominate the guy across from me.

Did you give any thought to leaving early for the NFL draft?

AC: I submitted the paperwork. If the paperwork came back and said first round, if it came down to if the money was there, I wouldn’t be able to turn that down. But it was a slim chance, and it didn’t come back saying first-rounder, so that was the only way I would’ve left. I really wanted to stay in school. I’m back. I’m happy about it. It was kind of a weird situation. I didn’t know if I wanted to leave. I wanted to stay.