Steele ranks the schedules

The ACC could be in for a long fall, as Phil Steele has five conference schools ranked among his top 25 toughest schedules in the country:

No. 8 Miami

No. 9 Duke

No. 11 Florida State

No. 14 NC State

No. 24 North Carolina

Georgia Tech ranked No. 27, followed by No. 31 Clemson, No. 36 Virginia, No. 47 Virginia Tech, No. 48 Wake Forest, No. 57 Maryland and No. 64 Boston College.

Steele and I agree on the two main rankings -- Miami has the toughest schedule in the ACC and Boston College has the easiest. The fact that 10 of the ACC's school rank among his top 50 reiterates the fact that the conference will have plenty of opportunities to assert itself as one of the better BCS conferences this season.