Pac-10 figured out title game on first try

Dear Pac-10 commissioner Larry Scott,

Please call ACC commissioner John Swofford at your earliest convenience to tell him about your brilliant plan for the Pac-12 conference championship game. The top-seeded team hosts the game?! On their own campus?? What a remarkable concept! It must have taken you weeks – days even – to come up with it. Our commissioner has been trying for six years to figure this out – in three different cities! Hokies have opened their wallets for Jacksonville, Fla., and Tampa, Fla., and now this year, they might luck out and be able to drive to Charlotte, N.C. Do you know how many giant turkey legs a Hokie can buy in Lane Stadium with the money it takes to travel to three ACC championship games? Apparently it cost so much to get to Florida that nobody from Boston College showed up for two of them. Hey, how many empty seats do you think there will be at Autzen Stadium when Oregon and Arizona play for the Pac-12 title? Can you save us some?


ACC fans everywhere