Mike Leach should top Maryland's list

Former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach was the only candidate Maryland AD Kevin Anderson was willing to mention on Monday as a possible successor to Ralph Friedgen, but he’s not the only candidate on Anderson’s list.

Leach, though, should definitely be at the top for three main reasons:

1. He’s affordable. The man is in no position to bargain. He’s living the high life right now, fishing in Key West and waiting for somebody to offer him a job. He’s got legal baggage from an ongoing lawsuit against his former employer, and a lot of schools -- like Miami -- aren’t even willing to give him a look right now.

2. He’s explosive. Maryland doesn’t just need a spark, it needs a Fourth of July in Washington show. Attendance has declined over the past few seasons, but Leach in name and personality alone is enough to help reverse that trend. He’s a pirate. A meteorologist. And the winningest coach in Texas Tech history all wrapped into one. If you guys are bored today, search for Mike Leach on YouTube. You’ll see what I mean.

3. He can win. Leach never had a losing season at Texas Tech. He finished 84-43 there. He’s extremely smart (ever notice how some of the best coaches always seem a little off-kilter?), and Texas Tech led the nation in passing in six of his final eight seasons. His spread passing attack was indisputably successful, but of course, he’ll have to overcome the challenge of recruiting those players to College Park.

Leach himself would be a full-time job. Anderson would have to keep an eye on him closely. Their personalities don’t seem to mesh. Anderson seems like a straight and narrow kind of guy. Leach, well, he’s out to sea. He could be a public relations nightmare for any school, which means he’s a reporter’s dream. Leach would put Maryland in the national spotlight before he even coached a game, and that’s exactly where Anderson wants the program on a consistent basis.

With Leach, for better or for worse, that's where it would be.