Russell Wilson still undecided

NC State quarterback Russell Wilson is turning his attention to baseball, but he has left open the possibility of returning to play football for his senior season.

This should come as no surprise, and NC State fans (and those within the program) should be used to it -- it's similar to what Wilson did last spring, although he was expected to return after spending the offseason playing baseball. Wilson is leaving next month for spring training with the Colorado Rockies, and there's no guarantee he'll come back.

"At this point in my life, the best thing for me is to concentrate fully on baseball in the same way that I concentrated fully on football over the past six months," Wilson said. "It is only fair for everyone involved that I give baseball the same time and attention that I have given football. Ultimately, decisions about my athletic future will be made based on my potential to succeed at the highest professional level."

Wilson is smart for not entering the draft this year and for keeping all of his options open. He's also going to continue to pursue his graduate degree at NC State. Having interviewed Wilson on numerous occasions, and seen him play both sports, there's no question he'll find success in whatever career he chooses.

For NC State's sake, though, the sooner he decides, the better.

This has to be a tiresome storyline for backup quarterback Mike Glennon, who has been waiting patiently to take over the starting job. Last year, coach Tom O'Brien downplayed any concerns he might have about Wilson's loyalty to baseball, saying that the staff knew the situation from the start, which is why they've got Glennon ready and are comfortable in him when the time comes.

Former Clemson quarterback Kyle Parker, a first-round draft pick of the Rockies, gave coach Dabo Swinney and backup quarterback Tajh Boyd enough notice on his decision to return last summer that the team could move forward with its starting quarterback. It would help NC State prepare for another run at the Atlantic Division title if Wilson would do the same, but there's no question Glennon will be preparing this offseason as if it's his job to lose.