BC mum on next OC

Boston College has been quiet regarding the search for its next offensive coordinator, which leads me to believe the candidate isn't going to be hired from within, as originally reported.

Wide receivers coach Ryan Day and tight ends coach Dave Brock were two of the leading candidates to replace retired coordinator Gary Tranquill according to both the Boston Globe and Boston Herald, but if it were going to be one of the two, the Eagles would have made that announcement by now.

It doesn't make sense to wait on promoting an internal candidate with signing day rapidly approaching. That way, coach Frank Spaziani would have been able to go into recruits' homes saying, "Look, here's our guy. This is what our offense will look like."

Instead, by playing it close to the vest, Spaziani does two things: 1. He doesn't scare off any recruits who might not be sold on whomever he really wants to hire, and 2. He's able to tell recruits he's either been too busy recruiting to worry about it, or that he's got his candidate and not to worry about it.

Odds are Spaz has his candidate, and it's not Day or Brock.