Russell Wilson a No. 2 QB? Really?

I admit it.

I only kind of sort of understand Tom O'Brien's line of thinking with his quarterback situation.

To him, there is no "situation." Mike Glennon is NC State's starting quarterback, and that's how O'Brien has handled it this spring and plans to handle it moving forward. To O'Brien, former starter Russell Wilson has already chosen baseball.

On today's ACC coaches' teleconference, I tried to get a better understanding of O'Brien's statement that should Wilson decide to return, he would be the backup.

How much of an internal debate was it for you to say, 'Even though I have a quarterback who could break ACC passing records, I'm going to sit him on the bench, and I'm ok with that?

TOB: I'm not sitting him on the bench. He made a choice to play baseball. That was his choice, choosing a baseball career. I don't know if he's going to sit on the bench. I have no idea what the outlook is. So we're moving forward. That was the decision we made a long time ago.

Didn't you say, though, that if he came back, he would be the backup?

TOB: That's where he's going to be.

Isn't that the same thing as sitting the bench?

TOB: You can call it what you want to do, but that was the decision that was made then. We can't be beholden to outside interests of who's going to run our football program.

Still, after all of this, I predict that if Russell Wilson returns for his final year of eligibility -- IF -- it will be too difficult to keep one of the ACC's most accomplished quarterback since Philip Rivers off the field.