Friday mailblog

Don't worry, I'll be back on Monday ...

Jeremy in Jacksonville, Fla., writes: Why don't people talk about Montel Harris that much. Is it that he not that good of a back or that he go to Boston College. And why don't yall keep updated on the status of his knee. To me comming into this season he is a better back than the other because he prove more than other. Yea he may not be as fast as other but he has started more than them.

HD: He deserves more credit, but part of it is the fact that he's racking up the yards for a team that's not playing in the spotlight, and aside from his consistent production, BC's offense was one of the worst in the country last season (109th with 18 points per game). As for the status of his knee, he was only held out of the spring game for precautionary reasons, so he's expected to be back and healthy for the season.

David in Washington, DC writes: Heather - do you think the pressure will be even greater for UNC to force Butch Davis out now in light of the events of OSU (and USC)? Or do you think that the administration will wait until the NCAA issues its punishment?

HD: Because the administration hasn't deemed it necessary to reprimand Davis to this point, I don't see factors at other schools suddenly causing them to change their minds. If Davis' future is in jeopardy at UNC, I think it will be because of the NCAA's decisions, not the university's.

Shawn in Va. writes: Every year the ACC has some kind of big disappointment during the first week of the College Football Season. Is this the year the ACC wins all the games it supposed to during week 1? Can all ACC teams go undefeated (aside from Miami and Maryland who play each other)? Will JMU surprise another ACC team? Will Appalachian State pull another Michigan game? What are your thoughts on Week 1 for the ACC?

HD: You would think -- think -- that the ACC could survive Week 1 without further embarrassment. There's a reason the App State-Michigan game caused such an uproar: It doesn't happen, and I don't see it happening in Blacksburg. Duke should be able to handle Richmond by now, Troy should be a warm-up for Clemson rookie quarterback Tajh Boyd, and UNC will have learned a lesson from the Hokies about James Madison. Can William & Mary beat UVA? Yes, they've done it before, but I don't see it happening again under Mike London. My prediction is the ACC is safe this year.

Jamie in Radford,Va., writes: Why do you continue to bring up the JMU loss from 2010 and the ECU loss from 2008? Those are ancient history. If you're gonna bring up losses how about mentioning the losses Miami and FSU had to VT in 2010. Or the losses UNC and Nebraska had to VT in 2008. More respect for the ACC Kings is needed.

HD: Shawn started it!

Shariff in Woodbridge, Va., writes: Besides jacory harris, which hurricane player needs to have a huge year in order for them to go to the ACC Championship?

HD: I'll go with Tommy Streeter at receiver. He's fallen below expectations during his career, but he's got an opportunity to change that perception this season. Besides, it's not all on Jacory. His receivers need to help him out.