Is Clemson a national title contender?

It's official: Clemson has overtaken Virginia Tech as the ACC's top team in the latest Associated Press Top 25. The ACC still has four ranked teams this week:

No. 8 Clemson

No. 13 Georgia Tech

No. 21 Virginia Tech

No. 23 Florida State

I gave Clemson just a wee bit more credit in my top 25 for ESPN.com this week and had the Tigers at No. 7, followed by No. 12 Georgia Tech, No. 21 Virginia Tech and No. 23 Florida State.

It's great for the ACC to once again have a presence in the top 10, but can that translate into national title hopes for Clemson?

ESPN's BCS expert Brad Edwards and I were asked about it earlier this afternoon on the weekly BCS Journey chat, and Edwards is giving the Tigers a fightin' chance:

Brad Edwards:If Clemson can hang close to Wisconsin in the polls, they'll probably win that head-to-head in the BCS because of superior schedule strength. The computers would put them over the top. Of course, that doesn't matter unless OU loses. Who's rooting for Texas this weekend?

He nailed it. Somebody's gotta lose the LSU-Alabama game, so you've got a one-loss team there. (Then again, somebody's gotta lose the Georgia Tech-Clemson game). Clemson fans should be rooting for Texas this weekend if they want a shot. It will be interesting to see how high the BCS standings have Clemson because of its strength of schedule, but that could no doubt be an asset if some teams ahead of them start to lose.

It's certainly not a long shot for Clemson to play its way into the conversation.