BC's Spaziani optimistic after 4-8 season

Boston College coach Frank Spaziani said he’d like to hire an offensive coordinator “the sooner the better,” and that he is considering both internal and external candidates. Spaziani hired Kevin Rogers to replace Gary Tranquill, who retired after the 2010 season, but Rogers will not return from a leave of absence he took for health reasons earlier this year.

While Spaziani said that the recent turnover at the coordinator position has obviously been “a disruption,” it wasn’t the factor that defined their 4-8 season. Spaziani also said there weren’t any internal issues among the staff, despite speculation to the contrary. A disappointing 4-8 finish had some BC fans calling for change, but Spaziani said he is confident he still has the program heading in the right direction.

“I’m hired to do a job and I’ve got to focus on the job,” he said. “Were fans, alumni, administration, team members, coaches disappointed? Yes. Should we be discouraged and gloom and doom? No. We’ve got to win and I understand where I started and I understand where we’re at. I have all the information to do what has to be done. I have to focus on doing the job. Certainly 4-8 was not what is expected, but let’s move forward.”

Spaziani is doing that right now by recruiting, and said the staff has made “tremendous progress.” Probably the area most in need of it was on the offensive line where Spaziani said the numbers are finally where they want them to be, though the group is still young. The defensive line remains a recruiting priority.

“We’ve had two classes we feel very good about,” Spaziani said. “ … As we go through the evaluation process and see what your classes are like, we like our two that we’ve had here. We’ve addressed a lot of problems and we’re getting back to where we need to be. And we’re well on our way, hopefully this one will be just like the first two.”

Spaziani said the Eagles will likely remain under the 85 scholarship limit, but that’s normal for the program, which typically saves a few to reward walk-ons and for late recruiting. The priority for the team this offseason, Spaziani said, is to pick up where it left off – on a winning note. BC began the season 1-6, but finished by winning three of its last five, including the regular season finale at Miami.

“I think we have to continue making the progress we made,” Spaziani said. “The most disappointing thing about this year was that it ended. We were developing as a football team. We were getting better. We need to pick up where we left off. Obviously we have a ways to go. We have to get some stuff solidified and the coaching staff, and move forward with our kids. I think our kids understand what it takes and they have a better picture of how competitive it is and what they have to do. We’re still going to be young next year, but it’s a situation we’re working ourselves through.”