Former BC coaches join Temple staff

There has been some buzz about this recently, but Temple made it official on Monday when it announced the hires of former BC assistants Kevin Rogers and Ryan Day to the Owls' staff.

Rogers was hired as BC's offensive coordinator in 2011 but took a leave of absence for health reasons in September and never returned. Quite frankly, the way the whole situation was handled by BC was odd -- we never heard from Rogers again, there was no update on his status and it was just generally assumed Rogers wouldn't return to the Eagles' staff in 2012, which he didn't. Instead, BC hired Doug Martin as offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach in late December.

But here Rogers is again, obviously healthy enough to take on the title of associate head coach at Temple.

Good for Rogers.

With all sincerity, let's hope that Rogers stays in good health and stays in the college game. He is well-liked and well-respected by his peers, he's earned a reputation as a great coach. I honestly thought he was the answer for BC's struggling offense. Called him the best offseason hire of 2011. If he is healthy enough to coach now, why isn't he coaching at BC? Either he didn't want to return, or he wasn't welcome to return.

Which was it, and why?

Boston College coach Frank Spaziani has been nothing but defensive when asked about Rogers, repeatedly insisting that Rogers' situation was nothing more than a personal health issue, and he was offended at the suggestion that there was more to it than that:

"What do you know about that situation?" Spaziani said in a recent interview. "Let me help you work through this, Heather. Why do you think we have a new offensive coordinator? What happened to the old one?"

HD: Did he get fired?

FS: Is that what you have?

HD: I have no idea.

FS: Well what were you told?

HD: That he took a leave of absence for health reasons in September, but I haven't heard anything since then.

FS: You were told he left because of health, right? Ok. So, does that explain a new offensive coordinator? I don't want to play games with you, but to me, it sounds very self-explanatory, that one.

And there you have it. I called Temple to speak with Rogers, and was told by a school spokesman that he wouldn't talk about his health. Fair enough. Rogers has moved on, and BC fans can move on. Spaziani clearly moved on a long time ago.