Mocks aplenty on NFL draft eve

It's NFL draft eve, and it's the last Wednesday before the event, meaning one last chance for our team of analysts to predict how this weekend will unfold.

Mel KiperInsider and Todd McShayInsider reveal their final draft boards, and each has a mockInsider, with McShay and the rest of the Scouts Inc. team going seven rounds fullInsider.

Boston College linebacker Luke Kuechly, naturally, tops the list, going No. 5 to the Buccaneers. North Carolina end Quinton Coples is next off the board at No. 19, to the Bears, with wideout Stephen Hill from Georgia Tech going two spots later to the Bengals.

How do the rest of the ACC's draft-eligible players stand? Let's take a look:


No. 36, Buccaneers: RB David Wilson (Virginia Tech)

No. 50, Bears: OLB Zach Brown (UNC)

No. 58, Texans: DE Andre Branch (Clemson)

No. 59, Packers: RB Lamar Miller (Miami)


No. 64, Colts: DT Brandon Thompson (Clemson)

No. 68, Buccaneers: CB Jayron Hosley (Virginia Tech)

No. 72, Dolphins: OT Zebrie Sanders (FSU)

No. 76, Texans: TE Dwayne Allen (Clemson)

No. 80, Cardinals: DE Olivier Vernon (Miami)

No. 82, Titans: WR Chris Givens (Wake Forest)

No. 91, Ravens: G Joe Looney (Wake Forest)

No. 95, Raiders: DE Cam Johnson (Virginia)


No. 100, Browns: OLB Nigel Bradham (FSU)

No. 124, Bills: OLB Sean Spence (Miami)

No. 125, 49ers: CB Chase Minnifield (Virginia)

No. 128, Vikings: OLB Terrell Manning (NC State)

No. 129, Raiders: OLB Kyle Wilber (Wake Forest)

No. 130, Ravens: WR Danny Coale (Virginia Tech)


No. 154, Jets: WR Tommy Streeter (Miami)

No. 157, Falcons: WR TJ Graham (NC State)

No. 159, Steelers: G Brandon Washington (Miami)

No. 162, Saints: CB Coty Sensabaugh (Clemson)


No. 176, Jaguars: DT Marcus Forston (Miami)

No. 178, Bills: ILB Audie Cole (NC State)

No. 188, Broncos: DE Rennie Moore (Clemson)

No. 191, Bengals: WR Travis Benjamin (Miami)

No. 197, Packers: OT Andrew Datko (FSU)

No. 205, Browns: G Antoine McClain (Clemson)


No. 209, Rams: WR Dwight Jones (UNC)

No. 240, Steelers: DE Matt Conrath (Virginia)

No. 242, Jets: TE George Bryan (NC State)

No. 243, Packers: RB Davin Meggett (Maryland)

No. 245, Browns: DT Markus Kuhn (NC State)

No. 250, Chargers: CB Donnie Fletcher (BC)

Here's a breakdown by school of the 37 ACC players that Scouts Inc. thinks will be drafted:

Miami: 7

Clemson: 6

NC State: 5

Virginia Tech: 3

UNC: 3

Virginia: 3

Wake Forest: 3

FSU: 3

BC: 2

Georgia Tech: 1

Maryland: 1

Duke: 0