Nonconference rewind

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

This is the month that goes a long way in determining how the ACC stacks up with the rest of the BCS conferences and strong non-AQ conferences like the Mountain West.

With September coming to a close, here's a look at how the ACC fared against its nonconference opponents:

  • 1-1 vs. Pac-10 (Loss to Cal, win over Stanford)

  • 0-2 vs. SEC (Losses to South Carolina and Alabama)

  • 1-2 vs. Big 12 (Losses to Baylor and Kansas, win over Nebraska)

  • 2-2 vs. Big East (Wins against Pitt and Connecticut, losses to South Florida and Rutgers)

  • 1-2 vs. Mountain West (Two losses to TCU, one win over BYU)

That's an overall record of 5-9. Not good, especially when coupled with the losses to FCS programs Richmond and William & Mary. Among the key nonconference games remaining that could help booster the ACC's reputation and winning percentage this year:

  • Oklahoma at Miami on Saturday

  • Florida State at Florida on Nov. 28

  • Clemson at South Carolina on Nov. 28

  • Georgia at Georgia Tech on Nov. 28

  • Miami at South Florida on Nov. 28

There are several more sprinkled throughout the schedule (like Georgia Tech at Vandy on Oct. 31, and this weekend's game at Mississippi State), but those are the big ones. There are also a few trap games like Virginia Tech at ECU on Nov. 5.

So there are still plenty of opportunities for the ACC to redeem its September start, and it begins this weekend against the Big 12 and SEC.