One final ACC recruiting update

Signing Day is now hours away, so let's take one final look at where things stand among ACC teams before the madness begins.

The latest ESPN Top 40 class rankings

No. 10 Florida State

No. 15 Clemson

No. 16 Virginia Tech

No. 18 North Carolina

No. 23 Miami

No. 33 Virginia

Miami is the only team that has made a recent move, up one spot. Everybody else is holding steady. But all this could all change Wednesday when undecided players begin announcing. Florida State and Miami remain in the mix for at least five of the top prospects in the nation; Clemson is in the mix for four.

What to watch Wednesday

ESPN Recruiting Nation has this very comprehensive list of the top uncommitted prospects in the nation, along with projections for where they end up. Let's take a look at which ones could be playing in the ACC.

CB Mackensie Alexander, No. 4 overall prospect. Choosing between Auburn, Mississippi State, Clemson and Texas A&M. Announcement time: 11:15 a.m., ESPNU.

LB Matthew Thomas, No. 6 overall prospect. Choosing between Florida State, Miami, Alabama, Georgia and USC. Announcement time: 9:15 a.m., ESPNU.

DT Montravius Adams, No. 13 overall prospect. Choosing between Alabama, Auburn, Georgia and Clemson. Announcement time: 9:45 a.m., ESPNU.

WR Stacy Coley, No. 47 overall prospect. Choosing between Florida State and Miami, among others. Announcement time: 11:05 a.m., ESPNU.

WR Jordan Cunningham, No. 107 overall prospect. Choosing between Florida State, Vanderbilt, Stanford and Oklahoma State. Announcement time: 10:20 a.m., ESPNU.

OL Tyrone Crowder, No. 125 overall prospect. Choosing between Clemson and Georgia. Announcement time: 4:05 p.m., ESPNU.

DT Keith Bryant, No. 135 overall prospect. Choosing between Florida State and Miami. Had previously committed to Miami. Announcement time: 1:45 p.m., ESPNU.

LB Jermaine Grace, No. 138 overall prospect. Choosing between Miami and Louisville. Announcement time: 2 p.m., ESPNU.

OT Denver Kirkland, No. 144 overall prospect. Choosing between Florida State and Arkansas. Last week, Miami reportedly pulled his scholarship offer, and there are conflicting reports about whether fences have been mended. In any case, he and Thomas both attend the same high school in Miami, so whatever happens here could impact Thomas as well. Announcement time: 9:20 a.m., ESPNU.

ATH Adrian Baker, No. 197 overall prospect. Choosing between Oklahoma and Clemson. Had previously committed to Florida State.

RB Cornelius Elder, No. 203 overall prospect. Choosing between Auburn and Georgia Tech, but has said he won't announce on Signing Day.

DT Jay-nard Bostwick, No. 286 overall prospect. Choosing between Miami, Florida and Alabama. Announcement time: 8 a.m., ESPNU.

Here is the complete list of announcements set for ESPNU.