BC plans more aggressive approach on D

Boston College coach Steve Addazio hired defensive coordinator Don Brown for a big reason -- because he wants an aggressive approach to his defense.

That is something that has been lacking from the Eagles over the last few years. The No. 1 stat that bears that out is sack total. Last season, Boston College had six total sacks on the year, worst among every team in college football. It is not as if the numbers were much better in 2011. That season, the Eagles had 11 sacks to rank No. 114 in the nation.

In the four years under coach Frank Spaziani, Boston College ranked No. 90 or worse in sack total. Addazio wants to change that number big time in 2013. Brown is known for his aggressive approach to defense, which he will begin installing now that spring practice is underway. Look at the sack numbers from his most recent stop.

In two seasons at UConn, the Huskies ranked in the top 20 in the nation in sack total. In 2011 they were No. 13 with 34 sacks; in 2012 they were No. 18 with 33 sacks. Both seasons, UConn defensive end Trevardo Williams led the Big East in sacks.

"Don’s here to run Don’s scheme, which is an aggressive get-after it scheme," Addazio said in a recent phone call. "People will say well how much can you play man, how much can you play zone? It’s the same line of questions that would happen on offense. You’ve still got to get to know your team and the percentage of what you play and how you play it can be tweaked based on what you learn about your football team, but we came in here with a mind-set and the mind-set was on offense to be a wide-open offense, an attack-style offense that can spread the field and utilize playmakers, and on defense, to be disruptive, to be multiple, to attack.

"Don’s got a tremendous amount of energy and you can see the way he interacts with the kids. I can tell the defense is going to be flying around, real esprit de corps, a real mind-set that we’re not going to sit back, we’re going to go after people and we’re going to do it with multiplicity as opposed to being locked in one front or one coverage. Will our personnel dictate some of that? Absolutely it will. But we’re not going to become a passive defense. That will never happen with Donny."