One more ACC scheduling possibility

Scheduling has been a hot topic in college football over the past several months, and will continue to be one as a new era is ushered into college football with the upcoming playoff.

Though no scheduling changes were made at the recently concluded ACC spring meetings, many ideas on the topic were discussed. One of them was to try to stack nonconference games so they do not interfere with conference play.

"We did talk a little bit about how we might schedule structurally in the league where we put nonconference games in specific slots in the schedule," Georgia Tech athletic director Mike Bobinski said. "We could play in the early couple weeks or at the very back and then leave the middle for conference games, so that allows you that opportunity to ramp up a little bit on the front end and hit your stride when you get into the conference."

Heading into this season, only four ACC schools play all four of their nonconference games to open the season -- Maryland, Miami, Syracuse and Virginia Tech. The other 10 have at least one conference game in September. Two teams -- Pitt and Georgia Tech -- start the year with three conference games in their first four contests. The schedule is particularly brutal for the Jackets, who have to play Virginia Tech just five days after facing North Carolina.

There are schools like Georgia Tech, Florida State and Clemson that cannot get nonconference play out of the way in September because of regular-season-ending rivalry games. But perhaps there is a way to make the schedule more fair for everyone across the board. Looking at nonconference dates makes sense in this regard.