5 things to know about the ACC

Welcome to the ACC, Pitt and Syracuse. It’s a historic day, as you officially join the conference, and we’re on a mission to school you quickly on the ways of the world here. Now that you know where to go and what to do, here are five things you must know about the ACC:

1. NBFMSWC: Syracuse, you are in the Atlantic Division. Here is your acronym: Nobody Better Forget My Saturday Wakeup Call (NC State, Boston College, FSU, Maryland, Syracuse -- that’s you! -- Wake Forest, Clemson. Once Louisville joins, you’re on your own.

2. PMVVGDNC: Pitt, you are in the Coastal Division. Here is your acronym to remember: Please Make Very Very Good Divisions Next Chance (Pitt, Miami, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, Duke, North Carolina).

3. Florida State is always almost back. Get used to it. Every summer you are going to hear that this is the Noles’ year. Followed by “no, really.” It’s as dependable as the mailman. Granted, some of it has to do with the media, but Jimbo Fisher is also to blame because of his excellent recruiting skills.

4. You can lose to Duke and beat Florida State in the same season. Yes, it can happen to you. College football is unpredictable in every conference -- upsets are why we love this game and watch it every weekend -- but for some reason, the ACC always takes us on an especially whacky ride. NC State beats Florida State and loses at home to Virginia. UNC loses to Duke and wins the division but is ineligible. Syracuse loses to Cincinnati and beats Louisville. Nevermind, you’ll fit right in.

5. Signing day is the ACC’s national championship. This is the league’s holiday, feel free to join in. Whatever disappointment there was from the past season is quickly masked by a few top-10 recruiting classes (See: No. 3) and rekindled hope. This is where the ACC and the SEC are most evenly matched, and it holds true on the back end, when it comes time for the NFL draft. Feel free to join in, as your mere presence in the ACC will likely help on the recruiting trail.