Where to go for Pitt, Cuse road trips

We asked Pitt and Syracuse fans to weigh in with what to do when ACC fans make road trips to their respective towns. And you answered, big time!

Thanks to everybody who submitted a suggestion. Here is a sampling. First, Syracuse:

Joe Klein in Syracuse writes: You have to go to Varsity Pizza before an SU game. It's a great environment, as we the fans are pumped for the game. Also after the game, so you can flip the flag in favor of the Orange.

Mike Beckett in Syracuse writes: For the ACC faithful traveling to Syracuse for a game, they should definitely consider visiting two places before leaving town. The first is Middle Ages Brewery, a micro brew not too far from downtown Syracuse. Buy a growler for tailgating later on! I recommend two things here: the IPA and a Designated Driver. The second place to visit is Stella's Diner. Every town has got their best greasy food location, for Syracuse, it's Stella's. Show up early for breakfast, or late for lunch.

Jordan in Syracuse writes: Rosie's is an excellent place to tailgate. It's a nice sports bar that shows Syracuse and all the games.

Derek in Syracuse writes: The tailgating scene at Syracuse leaves a bit to be desired, but there's enough activity on the Hill to get amped up for the game. Visiting fans will probably get the most neutral welcome at Faegan's and it's just a short walk up the hill to the game. Alternatively, there's a lot of great food and drink establishments in Armory Square, and if I were suggesting a place to pre or post game other than Dinosaur, I'd suggest Empire Brewing Company. It's a very good microbrewery with great food. My brother and I sometimes park down by Westcott Street (grad student neighborhood, more or less), grab food at Alto Cinco - the best Mexican food in CNY, and then take what is about a mile and a half walk up to the Dome. For those early games, grab a coffee at Recess on Harvard Place, or at one of the several Freedom of Espresso's around town. Both roast their own beans and both are fantastic. Recess is open until midnight, so that's a good option for those caffeinated long drives home.

Jason in Syracuse writes: Tailgating is spread out, best atmosphere either at Skytop (take the shuttle) or behind Marshall Square Mall. For food, if you want Italian you go to Joey's on Thompson Road. (casual upstairs, a night out downstairs). Burgers, you hit either Tully's on Erie Blvd. or head to Ale n Angus pub near the War Memorial, voted best in New York by the beef council.

Next up: Pittsburgh

Justin Klimchak in Latrobe, Pa., writes: Hey Andrea! I am a big fan of yours! I loved all of your blogs in the Big East, and I am so glad you made the switch over to the ACC as well! I am a junior down at Pitt. I would definitely say to check out The O, which is actually in Oakland. They have the absolute BEST fries ever, and trust me, you could get a small fry and feed five people. Some other places to eat in and around Pittsburgh are Joe Mama's in Oakland, the Church Brew Works in Lawrenceville, and Jerome Bettis' Grille right down by Heinz Field. If they are looking for some breakfast, Pamela's down in Oakland and in the Strip District is absolutely amazing! HAIL TO PITT!

Tom Z in Pittsburgh writes: Visiting Pitt's campus is a must, since Heinz Field is in a different location. A trip to Oakland to see the iconic Cathedral of Learning is a must. Other destinations should include a trip up to Mt. Washington in the incline for the best view in the city and visit to the Strip District, if nothing else. It's more a question of what to visit first, not just what to visit.

Mike Kirlin in Pittsburgh writes: Andrea,This is for something to do in Pittsburgh before a game. Head over to Station Square and take the Duquesne Incline up to Mount Washington. There are observation platforms up there that give the greatest view of any city in the world. It's something not to be missed when you're in town.

We also got a few more suggestions from friends in cities across the ACC:

Gianni Vassallo in New York writes: In regards to where to go in Tally on a game weekend. Pot Belly's, The Palace, and of course BullWinkle's. As you know, Gators aren't allowed ;-)

Dick Cataldi in Christiansburg, Va., writes: Heather's write-up for VT is great; right on for the tailgating and Lane experience. There are no great restaurants in Blacksburg, nor one absolute hot spot to be. The "downtown" just off campus is really small and a little funky. A must to walk around. Lots of places where students go for burgers and beer or pizza and beer and rocking on home game weekends. Two restaurants are worth mention, partially because they are unusual in ACC land and because they are pretty good at what they do. One is Boudreau's, which is a Cajun place. Been there forever. Not quite as good as the very best of Louisiana, but much better than the overpriced dreck in the French Quarter of "Nawlins. Reservations would be a good idea on a game weekend. Cabo Fish Taco is copied from a restaurant the owners found in California; a unique experience for most ACC fans. One reason for a lack of top restaurants in a college town with 31,000 students is the fact that VT has the best college food in the USA. Taking a meal at one of the campus food courts is a surprise for most people. A stroll around the Drillfield is a must for anyone who hasn't done it. That's what a university should look like. A DON'T: Forget about trying to drive out for the first couple of hours after the game.

Cris Baker in Charlottesville, Va., writes: When in Charlottesville for game day just a few blocks from Scott Stadium on JPA and Fontaine is the best place to get fried chicken and sides. Mouth watering chicken that no other place can best. Wayside Ole Virginia Fried Chicken is a must on game day. It's just a 5 minute walk from my house and half way to Scott Stadium. I think I'll go get some now.