Expectations (too?) high for GT's Vad Lee

Georgia Tech guard Will Jackson is a loquacious lineman who didn’t hold back when asked recently for a scouting report on his new quarterback.

Jackson gushed.

“If I had a son, I’d want him to be like Vad Lee,” Jackson said. “He’s almost the perfect human being, impeccable character. I guess I’m putting a lot of pressure on him … but he’s got impeccable character. He has recognized the situation that Tevin [Washington] is gone, there’s no quarterback older than he is, this is the time where he can establish it as his team and be the leader. He’s done a good job of that. He’s stepped out of his shell and been a lot more vocal and tried to take control of the offense.

“Playing-wise, he’s probably as good of a passer we’ve had since I’ve been there, if not the best,” Jackson said. “He runs the ball extremely well. He got in against North Carolina, was able to do some things. He can be a very, very special player in this offense.”

And you thought Georgia Tech fans were excited about Lee.

Lee, a dual-threat quarterback who had several meaningful appearances in 2012, is expected to be the full-time starter this year and energize the offense with his athletic ability. He enters this season averaging 5.67 rushing yards per attempt, which trails only Miami’s Duke Johnson and FSU’s James Wilder for the highest average among active ACC players (not bad company).

Last year, Lee finished second on the team with nine rushing touchdowns as a redshirt freshman, and he finished second on the team in total offense with 1,140 yards.

Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson cautioned to keep the expectations realistic.

“I think he’s a gifted young man,” Johnson said. “He’s got some tools and he’s a hard worker. My big thing is let’s not build him up so much that he’s going to fail. If you’re not careful, the expectations become so high Superman couldn’t reach ‘em. While he’s a very talented young man, we’ve got to give him a chance to grow a little bit. We’re not rolling Cam Newton out there.”