Florida State altering Seminole logo

Florida State and its Seminole logo will undergo minor alterations.

The design alterations are rooted in the university’s desire to create consistency in its school colors and brand, but Florida State will continue to use the Seminole head as its logo. The head will undergo some alterations, as well.

“The changes are very minor and the primary thing people will see is consistency in the garnet,” Florida State vice president for university relations Liz Maryanski said. “If you go into a sports store and look across the store, you’ll see as many shades of garnet as there are T-shirts, and we’re trying to get consistency in our colors.

“… We’ll still have what we call ‘the head’ with the Seminole [Tribe’s] blessing.”

Gary Bitner, the spokesperson for the Seminole Tribe of Florida, said the university recently presented the alterations to Seminole Tribe of Florida chairman James Billie, who signed off on the changes. Bitner said he is unaware of any request by the Seminole Tribe that Florida State alter its logo depicting the Seminole.

“The school was behind the changes and they submitted it to the Tribe for approval,” Bitner said. “It’s the relationship they have and the respect [Florida State] has for the Tribe that they wanted to reach out to the Tribe.”

Maryanski said the university engaged the Seminole Tribe early in the alteration process.

In 2005, the NCAA placed Florida State on a list of schools deemed to have “hostile or abusive” mascots. The Seminole Tribe of Florida responded with a public and written declaration of support for Florida State, and the NCAA removed Florida State from the list.

Maryanski could not confirm a release date for the altered logo. However, Florida State recently released two videos foreshadowing the logo change and marking a release date of Apr. 11, one day before the annual football spring game.