Ex-players look back on '84 Orange Bowl

Miami and Nebraska have a storied history of intense battles -- none more epic than the 1984 Orange Bowl that ended in a national championship for Miami. This season marks the 30th anniversary of the game, so we decided to ask the men who lived it to take a look back at two of the most memorable plays that contributed to the 31-30 outcome.

Watch the videos, then take a listen to former Miami and Nebraska players and coaches as they detail what they remember 30 years later.


On this date: Failed 2-point conversion costs Nebraska Orange Bowl

Revisit the failed two-point conversion attempt in the 1984 Orange Bowl that cost Nebraska the national title.

Former Miami safety Kenny Calhoun and linebacker Jacinto "Jack" Fernandez discuss the infamous trick play from the defensive side of it. ListenListen

Former Nebraska guard Harry Grimminger, center Mark Traynowicz and tackle Scott Raridon along with their coach Tom Osborne recall the infamous fumblerooskie that brought the Huskers back within 10 points after they fell into a 17-0 hole in the first quarter. ListenListen


1984 Orange Bowl: The Fumblerooski

The infamous "Fumblerooski" play from the 1984 Orange Bowl between Miami and Nebraska.

Former Miami defensive end Kevin Fagan along with Calhoun and Fernandez remember Nebraska's failed 2-point conversion that gave Miami its first national championship. ListenListen

Raridon, Grimminger and Osborne discuss Nebraska's decision to go for the win and the heartbreak that comes with losing the national title by one point. ListenListen