Miami keeping NFL streak alive

Thanks to Reggie Wayne's 65-yard touchdown reception in the Colts' 35-31 win over Jacksonville on Thursday night, Miami kept an underappreciated stat alive.

Former Miami players who are now in the NFL have scored a touchdown in 120 straight weeks. That's impressive. Miami's impact in the NFL continues to grow, even if the program's status in the draft has taken a dip. You wouldn't know, though, by watching football on Sundays. Heading into the 2009 season, Miami had 41 players on opening day NFL rosters -- the second-most of any college football program in the country. The Canes trailed LSU by only one.

Prediction -- tight end Jimmy Graham will be the Canes' top NFL pick this year. The former hoopster was impressive in his first season playing college football and should make himself some money at the next level.