ACC mailblog

Sometimes the only answer to a question is another question ...

Don in Bayboro, N.C. writes: Is there any possibility East Carolina may be added to the ACC (and Boston College dropped)?

HD: Why do fans keep trying to oust BC from the ACC?

Justin in Greenville, S.C. writes: Heather, excuse me for any disconnect from the rest of the world on my part, but any insight on conference restructure for SEC and ACC? I'm hearing things on the local radio here in Upstate, SC that Arkansas may be leaving the SEC and Clemson is a target. Love to hear your thoughts. Thanks.

HD: Justin, any talk that you've heard is just that, talk. Nobody at the ACC offices in Greensboro is expecting anyone in the conference to go anywhere anytime soon. And why on earth would any team in the SEC leave all that money?

Adam in Douglas, Ga., writes: With the Gator Bowl being Bobby's last game, do you expect to see the old trick bag opened one last time? You know, the same bag the puntrooskie and fumblerooskie came from? I know it's Jimbo's offense, but a month of preparation is plenty of time for the boys to learn a few new gadgets to stun the Mountaineers with!

HD: Interesting thought, Adam, and I'm sure the Noles will have a few wrinkles just for West Virginia, but it's important to remember that Bowden's celebration won't be the focus on the field once the game starts -- not for Bowden and not for Jimbo Fisher. They're going to call the plays they need to to try and win the game. If that includes a few 'rooskies, I'm sure it was by design, not for effect.

Conner in Atlanta writes: I know Derrick Morgan Will Go pro. But what do you think about Dwyer, and Bay bay Thomas going to the draft? I really hope they stay

HD: Last I talked to Dwyer, I believed him when he said he hadn't made a decision yet. If I had to guess -- and it would only be a guess -- I'd say Dwyer and Morgan go. I think anyone ranked in Scouts Inc.'s Top 32 will have a hard time turning the NFL down, and Dwyer is No. 30.

Jonathan in Elon, N.C., writes: Heather, I'm interested to know what you've heard about Duke's search for a new D-Coordinator. Is Cut likely promote within and bring in new blood to take over a position coach slot, or keep the current staff as is and bring someone new to be the D-Coordinator?

HD: I'm not sure he knows what he wants to do yet, Jonathan. Marion Hobby's title for the past two years has been defensive coordinator/defensive line coach. He basically shared the DC role with MacIntyre. The only difference was that MacIntyre actually “called” the games, but Hobby had plenty of input. Cutcliffe has a few ideas floating about what to do with the opening, but I don't know any specifics yet.