Clemson gives glimpse into Deshaun Watson's rehab

The question Dabo Swinney gets the most these days was asked once again Wednesday during the ACC coaches call: How's quarterback Deshaun Watson doing?

Swinney reiterated again Watson is ahead of schedule with his rehab from a torn ACL. But rather than hear Swinney talk about it over and over, Clemson produced a video giving an inside glimpse at how Watson has been rehabbing.

Watson is expected to participate in fall practice, and it looks as if the brace will be a new accessory for him. Those braces do take some time getting used to. If he does wear it full time, will it take any adjustment at all with the way he runs? That is only a minor concern at this point, considering everybody is waiting to see whether he can regain the form he showed when he was healthy last season.

Swinney said Watson learned plenty even though he was on the sideline this spring. "He's just a great worker in everything that he does, but he was able to do a lot this spring from a football standpoint, drill work and things like that, throwing. Every day, every team period he would mentally rep. I basically had him with me the whole time when we would do our competitive team stuff so he had to mentally really stay sharp. It was a good spring, got a lot done. I think as far as going in to this season, this time last year he was just trying to earn his way, if you will. Now he's on [another] level from a mentality standpoint in that he's had a great success. It's one thing to plan to go and do it, it's another thing when you've gone and done it. I just expect him to take it to another level from a mental standpoint."