Miami commit who flashed the 'U' back at Florida State

A few months ago, Miami commitment Al Blades Jr. caused a ruckus among Florida State faithful when he flashed the "U" on the midfield logo at Doak Campbell Stadium.

Our Jared Shanker even wrote, "Al Blades Jr. probably won’t be invited back to Florida State anytime soon. When you’re a Miami commitment, that’s the way it ought to be, too."

That is not exactly how it all played out.

Blades was back in Tallahassee on Thursday, taking part in Jimbo Fisher's camps. Fisher apparently had no idea what Blades had done, because he walked up to Blades after the 2016 recruit made a play during a 7-on-7 drill and asked whether he had ever been on campus.

"I was like, "Oooh, does he not know?" Blades told Safid Deen of The Tallahassee Democrat.

Blades told the Democrat that nobody from the Florida State staff said anything to him after his tweet went viral.

"They're still welcoming, and I really did appreciate that," Blades said. "I'm glad they didn't take it to heart or anything, and that really touched me that they could see it wasn't anything too bad. I think they just let it blow over their head -- which is a good thing, probably."

Blades said he remains a firm commitment to Miami, where his dad played from 1997-2000. Al Blades Sr. died in 2003, but that has not stopped his son from growing up hooked on the Canes. His reason for going back up to Florida State was simple: "(This) is a wonderful place. There's nothing bad about it. I like it. There's nothing bad at all about it. I just came out here to get some work and get to know some of the coaching staff, which is good."