Georgia Tech FB Patrick Skov missing his In-N-Out Burger

Patrick Skov, now at Georgia Tech, misses his "cheat" food. David Madison/Getty Images

The adjustment period can be difficult for any transfer. When you're leaving behind California and a distinct fast-food chain, though … well, let's just say change can be especially harsh.

So it goes for Georgia Tech graduate transfer Patrick Skov, who arrived from Stanford this summer. As the Atlanta Journal-Constitution's Ken Sugiura writes, Skov loved In-N-Out Burger a little bit more than the rest of us. So much, in fact, that he would engage in eating contests with former teammate Charlie Hopkins, including a time when he took down four 4x4s.

From Sugiura:

  • "I asked Skov about In-N-Out Tuesday. He got this faraway look on his face, not unlike when transplanted Southerners wax poetically about Chick-fil-A.

    "He said of 4×4’s, 'I can inhale those things.'

    He also wanted to make sure that it was mentioned that he normally eats a more healthy diet and that In-N-Out was his “cheat” food.

No kidding. Considering each 4x4 contains four patties with four slices of cheese and is more than 1,000 calories, well, yes, the Yellow Jackets should be pleased to hear that their new B-back is not eating a quadruple order of 4x4s on the regular.

Not that we could completely blame him if he chose to.