Greyson Lambert debate puts spotlight on Mike London

When news broke that former Virginia quarterback Greyson Lambert was named the starter at Georgia, a great debate about Hoos coach Mike London started all over again.

Let's start with this. London does not have a great track record with quarterbacks. As proof, Virginia is going on its fourth new starter for the fourth consecutive season. When he chose Matt Johns over Lambert in the spring, London said the decision was clear-cut. Offensive coordinator Steve Fairchild said ... not so much. Whether it was close or not, Lambert decided to high-tail it out of Charlottesville. When he ended up in Athens, many wondered how a player who lost the job at 5-7 Virginia could have any real shot with the Bulldogs.

Lambert was not exactly elite last season. His pick-6s against UCLA in the opener cost Virginia the game, and earned him a seat on the bench. He might throw a pretty deep ball, but his career touchdown to interception ratio is 11-to-13. No bueno. He only completed 59 percent of his passes as the starter. In the spring, he showed no progress and had lost the confidence of his teammates, two key reasons for his demotion.

The choice Mark Richt made now puts the spotlight back on London, a coach already on the hot seat. Does the decision at Georgia reflect on London's inability to develop quarterbacks, or on Richt's own dearth of adequate quarterbacks on his own roster?

As colleague David Hale pointed out last night ...

Then there is this ...

Georgia does have a way better run game than Virginia. Lambert will have the luxury of handing the ball off to Nick Chubb, already a preseason Heisman hopeful. Richt has had much more success with quarterbacks than London. But it's hard to ignore many of the bad reads Lambert made last year, and many of the poor decisions. It's hard to ignore the fact that he was the incumbent at Virginia going into the spring and lost the job.

Maybe competing at Georgia lit a fire under him, and he will end up having a great season. Maybe he will make as many mistakes as he made at Virginia. However it plays out, there's no escaping the fact that London will be connected -- one way or another.