We may have solved mystery of Paul Johnson's tongue wag

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Georgia Tech's touchdown off a blocked field goal earns ESPN Sport Science College Football Play of the Week honors. (2:10)

Paul Johnson did his best this week to answer the million-dollar questions in light of the Miracle on Techwood Drive: What inspired his viral tongue-wag? What did he think upon seeing it replayed?

"I think I saw the replay Saturday night when we got home," the Georgia Tech coach said Monday. "I was watching the Stanford/Washington game so they played it on ESPN a few times. [My wife] didn't mention it. My daughter gave me a hard time. You know, she's into all the social media so she sent me a Vine or whatever it is. But, that was it.

"I think really I was responding. When they caught me, I wasn't responding to the game, I was responding to what one of the fans said to me."

And that was?

"It was some girl, I don't know who she was," Johnson said. "She goes, 'Hey I love you Coach!' And I was just like, 'Yeah.' If that field goal had went through, I doubt she would have loved me much."

Apparently, someone has stepped up to take credit for inspiring Johnson:

More on this case as it develops. For now, let's just thank all involved parties for giving us one of the most Vine-able moments of the college football season.