Take 2: Will ACC get more respect if it beats up on its SEC rivals?

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Here we are again, rivalry week in college football, SEC versus ACC with bragging rights on the line. Just in case everyone forgot, the ACC swept its SEC rivals a year ago for the first time in 14 years. While a sweep might not happen this year, the ACC has a great chance to finish with a winning record against its SEC counterparts. But will that give the ACC any more respect?

ACC reporter Andrea Adelson and SEC reporter Edward Aschoff debate that question.

Andrea Adelson: I am willing to bet my extremely valuable collection of ACC mini helmets that the ACC will finish with a winning record over its SEC counterparts on Saturday. I concede Georgia, especially with Justin Thomas' status up in the air at Georgia Tech. So if the ACC does go 3-1 (or better) this weekend, it absolutely will be time (again) to beat those chests, ACC!

Enough with the excuses. I can hear you now, Edward, telling me about the disaster that is the SEC East. Ain't nobody got time for that, least of all in the ACC, where the blah Coastal resides. You don't get to pick and choose which teams get to represent the conference. They're one collective family, and that includes all the ostracized crazy uncles. The East is every bit a part of the SEC as the Coastal is to the ACC.

So haters are probably going to hate again after this Saturday, when the ACC once again wins rivalry week over the SEC. The ACC is used to all the unwarranted bashing. What is going to take to get some respect around here?

Edward Aschoff: Honestly, you're onto something. I can't argue with the thumping of the chests or the bravado. The ACC has and will earn it. I think the ACC goes 3-1 against the SEC this year, climbing to 7-1 the last two seasons. But how will the ACC get respect? Meh, beating up on the SEC East is like saying you're the coolest Nickelback fan. Did you see what that division did on Saturday? FAU and Charleston Southern almost beat Florida and Georgia, respectively, and The Citadel beat South Carolina. The funny thing about all of this is that if the SEC will get trashed for losing to the ACC -- even if those teams are better this weekend -- yet, the ACC will get zero real credit for it. It's the sad reality for a conference that really is only defined by what Florida State and Clemson do on the national level.

At least the SEC has more substance to work with, even in a down year like 2015. So, yes, beat that ACC drum over on the coast and light up some cheap cigars for going 3-1 (Georgia will beat Georgia Tech), but don't expect many pats on the back. Now, how will the ACC lose even more credibility? Well, that's if the Gators knock off the Noles with that below average offense.

Andrea Adelson: Florida State won a national championship in 2013 (over an SEC team), made it into the College Football Playoff in 2014, and Clemson is sitting with the No. 1 ranking in America. So if the ACC is really only defined by what those two have done on a national level, shouldn't the ACC be getting way more credit? Couple that with wins this weekend, and people need to start re-imagining how they view the ACC. As for credibility ... the ACC already struggles to get anybody to pay attention. As we already stated, nobody's opinion of the ACC has changed even after big wins in big games against big opponents.

We both agree the marquee game between them is Saturday in the Swamp, but that is not a slam dunk for the Seminoles. Even Florida State fans would tell you that. Isn't Florida ranked higher than Florida State? The Gators are at home, too, with a defense that should absolutely dominate a struggling Florida State offensive line. Florida might have a below average offense, but Florida State lost to 3-8 Georgia Tech already this year. A loss to Florida wouldn't be worse than that. Nor would it make the ACC lose more credibility.

Aschoff: Well, here's the issue for the ACC: Six teams currently have losing records, including four who are 1-6 or worse in conference play. The SEC has just four teams with losing records. Two of those SEC teams -- Kentucky and South Carolina -- play this weekend, while one ACC team -- Georgia Tech does. Clemson, Florida State and Louisville should win -- even if Florida is currently favored over the Noles. So, forgive me -- and the rest of the college football world -- if a winning record against the SEC rings hollow this weekend.

For the ACC to get the respect it thinks it deserves, it has to start winning like the SEC has. For as much as the SEC has been crushed this year, put some of these top teams in the West continuously and we'll see how much fans talk. Heck, put some of those teams in the West right now. How many want to play Alabama (none) or Ole Miss? What about Mississippi State or Arkansas? The SEC is beatable this year and has underachieved, but it's allowed a pass after the last decade of work. Remember the seven straight national championships? If the ACC doesn't go at least 3-1 this weekend, its image will take yet another hit, and deservedly so.