ATTN Sir or Madam Heisman Voter: Deshaun Watson's résumé

Putting together a résumé while in college can be tough. You only have so much experience to show off, right?

Well, that may be the case with most of us. But Deshaun Watson is not like most of us.

The Clemson sophomore quarterback is firmly in the running for the Heisman Trophy as the No. 1 Tigers enter this Saturday’s ACC title game against No. 10 North Carolina, and Watson and his team would like Heisman voters to consider him when filling out their ballots.

So, as with any application, Watson has a résumé. In case anyone has forgotten, it is pretty impressive.

Objective? Experience? Education? Skills? All are listed for voters to see.

And, to cap it off, there is even a references section -- the 12 defenses Watson beat this fall.

Nice, cruel touch. Voters shouldn’t hold the lack of a cover page against him, either, as Clemson attached a “portfolio link” with plenty of art from Watson’s 2015 campaign.

Not bad for a college sophomore.