FSU tops the ACC in average attendance

Florida State, Clemson and Virginia Tech each ranked among the top 25 FBS programs in average attendance in 2009, and UNC and NC State weren't too far behind, according to NCAA data.

If you remember, there was some talk during the season about how FSU's attendance numbers were dropping (and they did), but Noles' fans filled an average of 74,345 seats in 2009, putting Florida State at No. 19 nationally. Clemson followed at No. 20 with 74,214, and Virginia Tech was No. 23 with 66,233. Here's how the rest of the ACC fared in attendance:

No. 33 UNC 56,607

No. 34 NC State 56,422

No. 41 Georgia Tech 51,584

No. 49 Virginia 47,986

No. 50 Miami 47,551

No. 54 Maryland 44,452

No. 65 Boston College 35,716

No. 72 Wake Forest 31,791

No. 78 Duke 26,314

It's no coincidence that the ACC's top three schools in attendance are also among the top three places to watch a game in the conference. How does the ACC stack up in terms of stadium/game-day atmosphere? Check back later for the answer.