ACC commissioner John Swofford not a fan of Jim Harbaugh's spring practice plan

Count ACC commissioner John Swofford among those not exactly thrilled that Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh has decided to hold spring practice in Florida.

Swofford said in an interview with ESPN.com on Thursday that the NCAA needs to look into its rules to close the loophole that would allow that.

"I think the NCAA needs to look at that, yes," Swofford said. "I’m not sure I’ve ever even heard that brought up before. So that’s a new twist."

Earlier this month, Harbaugh announced his team would hold part of its spring practice at IMG Academy in Florida while the school is on spring break. SEC commissioner Greg Sankey slammed the idea, citing time demands on student-athletes.

Swofford echoed that sentiment.

"As I told someone previously, it certainly is creative thinking but I do think it flies in the face of the whole national discussion of time demands," Swofford said. "When you start considering taking a spring break away from a student-athlete and requiring a practice session wherever that might be, if we’re trying to move the student-athlete experience back toward a more collegiate experience -- and it can’t be totally like other students that aren’t involved in intercollegiate athletics it’s understood -- that would not seem consistent with the overall discussions about time demands and the student-athlete experience that’s taking place right now. At least that’s one man’s opinion."

Pittsburgh coach Pat Narduzzi also has spoken out against Harbaugh's plans. He told CoachingSearch:

"Spring ball, I think you need to be on campus. They’re also student-athletes, not just athletes. ... If I was a high school player, and you’re telling me I couldn’t go to Cancun or Daytona on spring break, I’d be kind of like, ‘Are you serious?’ I think kids needs to stay fresh, and they need a break. ... I know we're in a business, but there's a line between business and this is not the NFL."

Swofford said he hasn't had discussions with league coaches on this topic yet. But that will probably change once they all get together for the spring meetings in May.