Bronco Mendenhall's early approach at Virginia based on mini-goals

Bronco Mendenhall drew no shortage of attention last week when he made it known that Virginia’s players would be practicing without jersey numbers this spring. But just being able to practice for the new Cavaliers coach was a process that was earned the hard way.

Mendenhall has set mini-goals since his December hiring, according to the (Charlottesville) Daily Progress’ Andrew Ramspatcher. Among them:

  • Warming up properly equals weight-room access

  • Showing enough effort in black attire allows you to wear school colors and logos

  • If you impress your peers, you choose your jersey number earlier

  • If you pass the pre-spring fitness test, you get to practice this spring

More than 90 percent of the Cavaliers’ roster qualified for the program’s first spring practice Tuesday.

“These guys are fighting like crazy,” Mendenhall said Monday, according to the newspaper, “actually to get to work harder, once they put on gear, and that’s the paradigm shift that I’m hoping for.

“Football is supposed to be the reward, and it’s supposed to be an amazing experience, and that happens with success.”

The next goal for the players is rather simple: Convince Mendenhall to have a spring game April 23.