Pitt running back James Conner to appear on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show'

Pitt running back James Conner will be a guest Thursday on the syndicated "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," sharing about his battle with Hodgkin lymphoma -- and his desire to get back on the field this fall.

Conner, the 2014 ACC Player of the Year, even gets a surprise when Kansas City Chiefs safety Eric Berry emerges to greet him.

Berry received a diagnosis similar to Conner's in 2014 and returned to have an All-Pro season in 2015 for the Chiefs. Conner has said that Berry’s encouragement and help has meant a great deal to him amid the fight with cancer.

The two regularly exchange texts and phone calls, but they had never met before this week.

“You should meet him now,” DeGeneres says before Berry’s appearance.

Conner responds with a big grin and embraces Berry once he reaches the stage.

Earlier in the interview, taped Wednesday in Los Angeles, Conner tells DeGeneres that he is through 10 of 12 rounds of chemotherapy treatments. His final treatment is scheduled for May 9.

After that, Conner said doctors will wait another month before conducting a scan to determine if he is cancer-free. If so, he’ll be on track to return to play for the Panthers this fall.

Conner has been training with teammates this spring, but a port implanted in his chest has precluded him from physical contact.

“Hopefully everything will look great and I’ll be back on the field,” Conner told DeGeneres. “What I want to do next is carry the ball again. I can’t wait for the season to start. The goal [to play in the NFL] is still the same; it’s just a little postponed. Everything’s going to work out for the best. I believe it.”