Minnesota truck helps AD Mark Coyle move from Syracuse

What is it about Big Ten newcomers’ need to be loud upon joining the conference?

New Minnesota athletic director Mark Coyle was the latest to make a bold exit from his old post, as a Golden Gophers equipment truck was spotted Wednesday in the Syracuse area, presumably to help the ex-Orange AD with his move to Minneapolis.

WSYR-TV meteorologist Jim Teske first noticed the truck:

Syracuse.com rang the doorbell of the home and got no response, although the website did get a statement from Minnesota’s communications director Paul Rovnak:

"A University of Minnesota football equipment truck has occasionally been used to move new employees to Minnesota. In this situation, a different truck should have been used by the transportation company who owns the vehicle. Mark Coyle and members of the Minnesota athletic department were not aware that this truck was being used."

Penn State football coach James Franklin was similarly flashy in his exit from Vanderbilt two years ago, enlisting PSU moving trucks to help his belongings leave Nashville for State College.

Coyle was far quieter in his initial departure from Syracuse, leaving ACC spring meetings last month to take the Gophers’ AD job after spending less than a year in Syracuse.

So much for subtlety this time around.