Clemson offers sneak peek at opulent new football complex

There's still plenty of construction left to complete before Clemson opens its new $55 million football operations facility next year, but the Tigers' social media department gave fans a quick behind-the-scenes tour of its progress.

How impressive is it? Well, let’s just say there’s no shortage of bells and whistles.

The facility, which will run adjacent to the team’s practice fields, is equipped with every perk a player could want, including:

  • A replica of the famed hill in Death Valley

  • A players lounge complete with pool tables and pingpong

  • A golf simulator (not to be confused with the putt-putt golf course outside)

  • A bowling alley

  • A barber shop (likely not a stop for Ben Boulware)

  • A nap room

  • A 60-person cold tub (because there's nothing worse than having 60 guys wanting in the tub when there’s only room for 59)

  • A covered basketball court (Deshaun Watson vs. Dabo Swinney in a game of one-on-one would be fun)

  • A whiffle ball field

  • An outdoor kitchen and fire pits

  • A virtual reality room

  • A movie theater (If Swinney doesn't show "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" in there this year, we'll be shocked.)

Clemson signed one of the top recruiting class in the country in 2016. When Swinney has these new digs to show off in 2017, the sales pitch should be even easier.