Jimbo Fisher says new football facility in the works for Florida State

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Coach Jimbo Fisher has worked tirelessly to get facility upgrades at Florida State during his time as head coach, from building an indoor facility to getting facelifts for the locker room and coaches offices to improving and expanding Doak Campbell Stadium.

Up next?

A standalone football facility.

Fisher said Friday that plans to build one are now in the works, and he hopes to have plans to show boosters when his spring speaking tour begins next month.

"We need room. We need meeting space, player development areas. You’ve got to have those areas and also to show off your history. That’s what Florida State is known for, being a great football program," Fisher said. "You can never stand still. If you’re not evolving and moving, people are going to bypass you. You’ve got to keep going. The great programs never settle. We’re always looking for that edge. It’s going to help recruiting. It’s going to help player development. We get a lot of guys that are three-and-out, so we’ve got to have space for them to get them developed as quickly as we can so we can get production out of them."

Fisher said an architect has already come by to start looking at drawing up plans. No set space has been set aside for building the facility. Fisher would prefer it to connect to the indoor facility, just steps away from the football stadium.

"People realize it’s not an arms race, it’s a competitive race," Fisher said. "It’s the cost of doing business if you want to be elite."

Clemson just recently opened a standalone facility to much fanfare, and other schools like Florida and Georgia have their own plans for the buildings. These are all schools Florida State must recruit against.

"I don’t care what they’ve got," Fisher said. "I’m worried about what we’ve got. If I don’t think it’s going to make a difference in our program for these kids to develop as people, students and players, I won’t ask. I didn’t grow up with a lot. I was taught if you need it, do what you’ve got to do to be successful but don't waste. I’m not going to do that. But there’s things you’ve got to have to be successful and that’s the next step, in my opinion."

Beyond that? Fisher wants to get an academic center for student-athletes built as well. But first, he wants the ball moving on the football facility.