Shula calls Porter's behavior 'outrageous'

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- My old Palm Beach Post teammate, Edgar Thompson, had the chance to speak with legendary Miami Dolphins coach Don Shula at a charity event Wednesday night.

Thompson asked Shula for a reaction to outside linebacker Joey Porter's recent railings against the team.

"The Joey Porter thing, I think that's just outrageous with him coming out like that," Shula said after receiving a philanthropic award from the Moffitt Cancer Center. "He obviously wants out. I'm sure he'll be accommodated."

Shula contended Porter could have achieved the same conclusion in a more respectful manner. Instead, Porter tore into the team in interviews this week on "Jim Rome Is Burning" and on Miami sports radio station WQAM.

"That could have been done with him going in and visiting the Dolphin decision-making people and doing it quietly," Shula said. "But he decided to do it the other way."