Video: Recalling the Patriots' united intro

MIAMI -- On a panel of ESPN analysts who've won a championship, Tedy Bruschi recalled when the New England Patriots were introduced as a team prior to Super Bowl XXVI against the St. Louis Rams.

"One of the most exhilarating experiences and NFL player has sometimes is when you hear your name, you hear your college, you hear your position when you run out of that tunnel," Bruschi said. "Multiply that by, like, a thousand and that's the Super Bowl.

"And we decided that we were going to go out as a team and put all of that aside. When we did that, and it was the first time anyone had really done that, I could feel the shock in the stadium."

Check out the video below and look at the awed expressions on the faces of Jon Gruden, Steve Young and Mark Schlereth as Bruschi talks about the decision to enter the Superdome in unity.

"The impact that had," Young said, "not just as a pro, but colleges, little kids ... I'm glad you mentioned that because I remember seeing that and thinking to myself 'That might be the most important moment we've seen in football in the last 20 years.' "

Said Schlereth: "It sent chills up my spine to watch you guys come out as a team."