'07 Patriots a reminder of no guarantees

MIAMI -- A couple of Super Bowl notes with a hint of AFC East flavor.

Or is that cumin?

Anyway, for Indianapolis Colts fans convinced their team will make another compelling run at the title next season, keep in mind the Super Bowl loser hasn't returned to the big game since the 1993 Buffalo Bills. Of course, the Bills returned after a defeat three straight seasons -- and lost again each time.

Even more historically adverse for the Colts is the fact only three Super Bowl losers in the past decade have managed to return to the playoffs the next year. Not even the 18-1 New England Patriots could get back.

A major reason the New Orleans Saints won the championship was because they committed one turnover throughout the postseason, tying an NFL record for teams that played at least three games.

ESPN Stats & Information found six previous teams committed a single giveaway (in three or more postseason games), and all of them won the Super Bowl.

The Patriots did it twice, in 2001 and 2004. The others were the 1998 Denver Broncos, 1995 Dallas Cowboys, 1990 New York Giants and 1976 Oakland Raiders.