Is Jimmy Clausen the next J.P. Losman?

Kiper, McShay Draft Lab: Quarterbacks (3:30)

Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay break down the top quarterback prospects inside their draft lab (3:30)

Buffalo Bills fans are eager to learn how their team will address that enormous quarterback question mark and wonder whether they'll go after a hot shot with their ninth overall draft choice.

In my recent rundown of mock drafts, Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen appears in a few forecasts.

But ESPN draft analyst Todd McShay douses the optimism by daring to compare Clausen to Bills pariah J.P. Losman.

McShay and Mel Kiper recently broke down some of the bigger names -- and a name you might not know -- available in this year's class. McShay deemed Clausen the biggest risk of the lot.

"I'm not sure that he has as much room to grow," McShay said. "I think he may be maxed out both physically and from a coaching perspective because he is so well-coached. He's not going to get any better, I think, at the next level.

"And secondly, I have concerns about the intangibles. Maybe not the toughness or necessarily the in-game leadership, but how he carries himself, just the way he handles the quarterback position. Other guys like J.P. Losman have come into the league with similar immaturity and have struggled as first-round picks.

"If you're going to draft Jimmy Clausen high, and some team's going to in the top 10, 15 picks, you're talking somewhere around $15 million to $20 million guaranteed. I think that's an awfully big risk on Clausen."

Kiper makes another AFC East-flavored comparison. He views Central Michigan's Dan LeFevour as a Chad Pennington-type leader.